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Michelle Good

Michelle Good is the founder and creative director of Gemine Design. She is an artist, digital illustrator and designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. Outside of being a small business owner she is a wife and mother, splitting her time between Canada and Europe due to her husband’s work overseas.

Michelle started out largely as a self- taught artist with a passion for reclaiming the lost and forgotten. Always a lover of hunting for thrifted and vintage goods as it was something her and her mother did together to save money.

In 2016 Michelle took some fashion design classes at George Brown College and in 2017 became involved with making handmade jewellery from up-cycling vintage jewellery. Her work was featured on the runways of Toronto Women's Fashion week and Vancouver fashion week accessorizing the collections of Toronto Indigenous designer and trail blazer, Lesley Hampton. This was a catalyst that threw her into an entrepreneurial program through the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) where she completed the program as a top finalist winning grant money to start her accessories line.

With her heart still in fashion, Michelle took the plunge and got accepted into Fashion Art Toronto’s runway show, presenting her first ever collection of apparel made entirely of up-cycled clothing. She followed suit the next year showcasing her second sustainable upcycled collection  at FAT. Each collection had a focus on educating the audience on the importance of sustainable fashion by highlighting the negative impacts the fast fashion industry has on our planet. 

Realizing her passion for sustainable fashion Michelle decided to enroll at Yorkville University to finish her schooling in fashion design with the goal of re-launching Gemine Design as a brand collective of minimalist accessories and apparel made from natural and sustainable materials.

Her hope is to revive the fashion industry by creating timeless sustainable designs. She believes fashion should be an extension of our natural world without having to sacrifice style.


To provide you with the effortless and timeless pieces you need to create the perfect sustainably stylish wardrobe.

When you purchase an item from our  VERAH Essentials Collection or any of our limited edition accessory pieces you become part of a  movement focused on a sustainable future without sacrificing on style.

Sustainability is the focal point of Gemine Design from packaging to products. The concept is that all materials are natural and an extension of our natural world so that by the end of their life cycle they won’t be polluting our planet.


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